How-To: Request Accruals Setup

Request Accruals Setup

Accruals allow the time and attendance system to track Paid-Time-Off (PTO) hours that have been earned, or used based on a specific HR policy. As an example, a semi-monthly employee who has met their one year anniversary may earn 40 vacation hours within the year. Their time would have accrued at 1.67 hours at the close of each pay period.

In most cases, accruals can be administered by the payroll software package; however, having the accruals feature in the time and attendance system creates convenience for employers as well as the employees. Balances can be adjusted instantly by either adding to or subtracting from the current balances and an expiration date may also be put in place. 

Note: Sample “Available Accrual Balances” report. TimeWorksPlus. February 2013

How to Set Up Accruals

Step 1. Complete the Accrual Form to ensure your accruals are properly set up.

Step 2. Submit the form to your time and attendance provider. 



Accruals.pdf Accruals.pdf

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