How-To: Add a Supervisor Login

Supervisor's are created by the Client level user (manager or admin) and can be customized with a limited view of employees and a set of permissions. This article explains the basic steps for creating a supervisor account. 

For a video tutorial on setting up supervisors, please see Login Maintenance - Basic Supervisor Setup.

Creating the Supervisor Login 

The first step is to generate a login and password for your supervisor along with some basic information.

Add a new login in Login Maintenance
  1. Click Maintenance Menu ⇒ Login Maintenance
  2. Click Add New Login You may see a radio button instructing you to select Supervisor or Client. Choose Supervisor.  
  3. Fill in the New Login and Password information.  Passwords must be 8 characters in length and contain 2 character types (i.e. letter and number).

    Logins for supervisors need to be unique across our system
  4. Fill in the First Name, Last Name, Phone and Email information.  The remaining fields are optional at this point in the process, they can be edited or added after setting up the account or entered by the user themselves. However, adding an email is important if you want the supervisor to receive emails regarding time off requests.
  5. Click Save.
If you receive a popup explaining that the login name has already been taken, try adding a number or your companies initials to the login name.

Setting the Employee Visibility

After you have saved the login and password, you are able to set permissions and restrictions. The restrictions section is based on the “Supervisor Account Employee Visibility.”  Select which employees the supervisor will be able to view.

If you are also using “Time Card Approvals,” you can select which employee time cards the supervisor can approve. 

Employee Visibility Options

This brief list explains the options available for configuring the employee visibility.
  • All active employees will show all current employees. When viewing historical time cards, supervisors will still see terminated employees during periods in which they were active.
  • All employees including inactive shows current employees and employees past their separation date.
  • Specific employees - A checklist of employees will appear where you can handpick the employees the supervisor will view.  If you have a large employee list, a dropdown will appear which can filter the list by your Employee Groups.
  • All employees in group(s) - If you have created any Employee Groups, you can select a group for the supervisor's visibility. Only one group can be assigned to a supervisor.
  • Select by criteria - This method bases the visible employees on data from Employee Setup.  You determine the criteria (such as a department or location) and the system will evaluate the employees and set the visibility.  For instance:
Example: For each employee, include if Department = Operations
will only allow the supervisor to view former and current employees who have “Operations” entered in their Department field in Employee Setup.

Configuring a Supervisor to only see employees
in the Operations Department

Example: For each active employee, include if Supervisor = Tom Reed
will only allow the supervisor to view current employees who have “Tom Reed” entered in the Supervisor field of Employee Setup.  

By using the Supervisor criteria, the system chooses employees based on the value in Employee Setup.
You can click "Advanced" to use multiple levels of criteria.  To learn more on how that works, click the Advanced Custom Selection Help link.

Once complete, Click “Update Employee Visibility Settings.”

Supervisor Permissions

Next, determine which permissions the supervisor will have access to from the list of options in the “Supervisor Account Permissions.”  

Selecting the features
a supervisor can use

Supervisor Account Permissions selects which features the supervisor can use.
  • Can See Wages will show pay rates and wage data (if enabled) for the supervisors selected employees.
  • Can Edit Punches allows them to alter their employee time cards and, if used, edit their schedules.
  • Can Access Employee Setup will give the supervisor the ability to add new employees or change existing employee information.  If unchecked, the supervisor will not be able to view Employee Setup.
  • Can Edit/Delete Unmatched Punches will allow the supervisor to use the Unmatched Punch feature.  These are punches recorded at the clock which cannot be associated with any employee in the timekeeping system.  This generally applies only to system’s using wall mounted clocks. 
Click Update Permissions to save the settings.


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