How-To: Accrual Balances

Accrual Balances   
Adjusting accrual balances is commonly done during the initial setup of accruals. It allows you to bring the balances to their current total. This feature is also useful if a balance was originally entered incorrectly. Balance totals can be either added to or subtracted from or replaced completely. The process to adjust a balance is simple though sensitive due to the effective date.

Note: For access to the “Accrual Balances” page, the Accruals Processing Rule must be activated. Contact your timekeeping provider for details. Additional fees may apply.

Step 1. Select “Accrual Balances” from the “Maintenance Menu.”

Step 2. Choose the adjustment method: “Manual Adjustment” or “File Import”

Manual Adjustment:

Step 1. Choose the employee(s) you would like to work with. “All active employees,” “Specific employees” (from within a group, Check All, or manually make your selection) or “Select by criteria.”

Step 2. Choose which category’s balance you want to adjust. Note: the options provided are custom to your settings.

Step 3. Choose the effective date. Note: It is important to be sure of the date you are selecting. If a date is incorrect and an attempt to adjust the mistake occurs, incorrect accrual balances may result. Corrections are possible but the best solution is to be sure of
your effective date.

Step 4. Click “Show Employees and Balances.”

Step 5. Choose the type of balance changes to make. Either “add,” “subtract,” or “Replace” existing balance. Note: Click “Explain choices” for more details.

Step 6. Enter an expiration date if desired. If the field is populated, any balance will be forfeited if not used by the specified date. Note: Click “Explain expiration” for more details.

Step 7. Enter the desired amounts and click “Save changes” when complete.

File Import:
Step 1. Decide if you would like to use the provided template by selecting “DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE” or work within a spreadsheet you already have populated.
  • Within the spreadsheet, confirm that the “Employee Code” field is populated as this is the unique identifier that ensures that the accrual balances are assigned to the correct employee record.
  • Populate the accrual category fields with the applicable totals.
  • (Optional) if the “Expiration Date” field is populated, the corresponding balances will forfeit if not used by that date. If the hours do not expire, leave the field blank.
  • Save the spreadsheet (CSV) to your desktop (or wherever you prefer).
Step 2. Set the effective date to determine when the accrual balance will be in effect. All adjustments will be effective as of the beginning of the effective date. Any earnings and/or deductions on the effective date will be computed after the adjustment. (For instance, if an employee’s balance of PTO is changed to 16 hours effective April 15th and the employee uses 8 hours of PTO on April 15th, their PTO balance at the end of the day will reflect 8 hours.)

Step 3. Select the file you previously saved by clicking the “Browse” button.

Step 4. Click “UPLOAD FILE”
  • If the file was successfully uploaded, you will see a summary of the adjustment that will take place. Simply click “COMPLETE ACCRUALS BALANCE ADJUSTMENT”
  • If there is a problem, a message will display outlining what needs to be corrected.

Note: Any adjustments made will be viewable by running the Accruals Report.



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