How-To: Assign Multiple Supervisors Through a List Group

Assign Multiple Supervisors through a List Group

One way of assigning multiple supervisors to an employee can be accomplished by creating a “List Group.” This is done from within the “Employee Groups” feature. Follow the steps below to create one or more “List Groups.”

Step 1. From the home page, go to the “Maintenance Menu” and click on “Employee Groups.” Then click “Add New Group.” 

Step 2. Enter the name of the supervisor in the “Name of this group” field.

Step 3. Determine “Who can see this group?”

Step 4.  Decide “Who is in this group?” by selecting “Specific employees.”  Then check the box next to the names of the employees to be added to this supervisor’s “List Group."

Step 5. Click “Save.”

Step 6.  Steps two through five can be repeated several times with employees assigned to more than one of these “List Groups.” See examples below. 


Assign_Multiple_Supervisors_through_a_List_Group.pdf Assign_Multiple_Supervisors_through_a_List_Group.pdf

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