How-To: Assign Multiple Supervisors Through a Smart Group

Assign Multiple Supervisors Through a Smart Group

A “Smart Group” is one way to assign multiple supervisors to an employee. This is done from within the “Employee Groups” feature. An example would be setting up a “Smart Group” for any employees who have “Supervisor One” or “Supervisor Four” in the “Supervisor” field on the “Employee Setup.” See example below.

Step 1. Select the “Maintenance Menu” from the left pane, and click on “Employee Groups,” then click “Add New Group.” 

Step 2. Enter the name of the supervisor in the “Name of this group” field.

Step 3. Determine “Who can see this group?”

Step 4.  Decide “Who is in this group?” by selecting “Select by criteria.” 

Step 4a. The first dropdown asks which employees to include in the search. The dropdown field defaults to “employee;” however, you have the option to select “active employee” or “inactive employee.”

Step 4b. The next dropdown asks what information you want to filter by from the “Employee Setup” page. For this example select “Supervisor.” 

Step 4c. The next dropdown defaults to “=” change this to “Contains.” (When “Contains” is selected, this will prompt the system to look for a specific supervisor name in the “Employee Setup” page, even if more than one supervisor name is listed.) See the example of supervisors in “Employee Setup” directly below.

Step 4d. In the next field enter the supervisors name exactly as it is entered in “Employee Setup.”

Step 4e. Click the “Advanced” button, for more options, and select the lower case “or.” Note: The lower case “and”/ “or” determine the order of operations. Click “Advanced Custom Selection Help” for further details.

Step 4f. Enter the next supervisor’s name. Continue this step until all supervisors have been assigned to the Smart Group.

Step 5. Click “Save.”



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