How-To: Add Auto Lunch Deduction

Auto-Lunch Deduction

Assigning an Auto-Lunch Deduction will activate an automatic deduction of desired minutes from an employee’s time card after a specified amount of consecutive hours have been worked.

Step 1. Select the employee you wish to work with from the Employee Setup screen.  In the third section titled Employee Data you will see both the AutoLunch Threshold and AutoLunch Deduct (see illustration below). If you do not see either of these fields you will need to contact your timekeeping provider to have them activated.

Step 2. AutoLunch Threshold (hrs).  Enter the number of hours the employee will need to work before any time is deducted from their time card.

Step 3. AutoLunch Deduct (mins). Enter the number of minutes the employee is scheduled to take for their lunch break, most likely 30 or 60 minutes, however you may enter any amount.

Step 4. When your entry has been completed click either Save and Exit or Save and Remain.



Auto_Lunch_Deduction.pdf Auto_Lunch_Deduction.pdf

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