How-To: Create a Basic Schedule

Create a Schedule

The Scheduling feature allows users to create multiple schedules for their employees. Scheduling provides the ability to plan for the appropriate amount of labor hours coverage and to insure that the scheduled hours are completed by the designated employees. To create schedules follow the steps below.

Step 1. To use the scheduling feature click on the “Scheduling” link found under the “Main Menu.” If this option is not listed, contact your timekeeping provider. 

Step 2. To add a new schedule, click on the “Set, View, or Modify Employee Schedule(s) by Workweek” link.

Step 3. Select the employee/employees you want to edit by checking the appropriate boxes to the left of the employee names.

Step 4. The “Sort List” dropdown gives options to sort and filter the way the employees will be displayed on the page. Those options include alphabetical, employee code, department, location, supervisor, start date, and title.

Step 5. “Employees Per Page” allows you to select the number of employees to display on the page. 

Step 6. Click the “Set / Modify Schedule” button.

Step 7.  Two options are available to specify the duration of a schedule. Option one: “Limit With Dates (non-recurring)” schedules begin and end with dates entered in the date fields. See example below. Option two: “Don’t Limit With Dates (Recurring)” creates schedules which continually recur every week.

Step 8. Click “Next.” 

Note: “Revert Schedule” will allow you to revert back to a previous schedule. For example, an employee with a recurring schedule can also be given a temporary schedule for a defined date range. This feature allows you to remove the temporary schedule and revert back to the recurring schedule.

Step 9. Select “Create a new Schedule” radio button.

Step 10. Choose how often from “The schedule repeats every day(s)” dropdown, such as a five or seven day work week.  

Step 11. “Set blocks per day” allows blocks of time to be specified, such as shifts.

Step 12. Check the checkbox to add a “Place” field to the schedule. The “Place” field can be used to define the blocks of time to a shift, department, location, etc.

Step 13. Click “Next.” 

Note: The “Back” button allows you to go back to the previous list of questions to make changes.

Step 14. Enter the scheduled hours in the fields provided. See below.

Step 15. To save this schedule as a template, enter the desired name in the field provided.

Step 16. Click “Save."

The schedule now displays the selected employee’s schedule along with the total scheduled hours for this week.

Click on the “Coverage View” tab to view coverage for the work week starting with 12:00AM and continuing in one hour increments.

Schedules can be removed by checking the checkbox beside the employee(s) name, then clicking the “Clear Schedule” button.



Create_a_Schedule.pdf Create_a_Schedule.pdf

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