How-To: Employee Self Service Portal

Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal

The “Employee Self Service Portal” provides employees a set of self-management options for their personal time and attendance activities.
Each option below is universal and available to all employees when activated; however, the option to edit the time card can be set specifically for each employee. Each option can be activated and deactivated depending on your specific requirements.
  1. The “Welcome Dashboard” serves two purposes. “Announcements” for the employee, and a quick view for the current pay period “Statistics.”
  2. The “Announcements” are messages from a supervisor or management informing you of upcoming events, meetings, etc.
  3. “Statistics” gives you a quick view of the current pay periods stats such as the number of hours worked, edits made to the time card, requests for time off, etc.
  4. The “Web Clock” allows an employee to clock in or out from within the ESS portal.
  5. The “Time Card” is a standard feature that gives the employee the ability to view their time card. An option is available to allow employees to add notes, edit, or add time punches to their own time card. 
  6. “Schedule” is a great way for supervisors or managers to inform their employees as to what their schedule will be for a specific date range.
  7. With “Request Time Off” the employee can manage and send requests for time off to a supervisor, manager or both.
  8. With the “Accruals Report” the employee will be able to enter a date range and view accrual balances such as vacation, sick, or paid time off (PTO). g
  9. The “Personal Information” section gives an employee the ability to update their own basic information such as password, phone number, and email address.



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