How-To: Inactivate / Terminate Employees

Employees are typically set to inactive when an employee is terminated from the company. The employee will not be purged from the timekeeping system but will be hidden from areas of the system such as Time Cards.
  1. Select the appropriate employee from the “Employee Setup page.”
  2. Click “Edit” from the “Identity” section.
  3. Populate the “Separation Date” field with the effective date.
  4. Click “Save and Remain."

Once the current date coincides with the separation date, he employee will no longer be visible in the “Employee Setup” list. 

Note:  to reactivate an employee, simply remove the “Separation Date.”

Removing their Card Number/Login 

It's also recommended to remove any card numbers and/or logins for the terminated employees. 
  1. Click the Edit button on the Identifiers for Punching the Clock section.
  2. Click Delete Existing Numbers
  3. For each login/card number, click Click to Delete.

View inactive employees:

Step 1. Select “Employee Setup” in the “Main Menu” section.

Step 2. “Click to show the employee list filter” found at the top of the employee list.

Step 3. Choose “All employees (including inactive).”

Step 4. Select “Apply filter."



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