How-To: Run Labor Code Reporting Report

Labor Code Reporting Report
The “Labor Code Reporting” report is best used for tracking and reporting total labor hours. This report will show the amount of time that was worked for each labor code as well as the employees that worked in each labor code. To access this report follow the steps below.
Starting from the Main Menu select the “Reports Menu” and then choose the “Labor Code Reporting” option.
Step 1. Select a pay period or enter a specific date range (see illustration 1.1).
Step 2. Choose to view the report “By Employee” or “By Labor Code”.
Depending on the option selected, you will be presented with a specific set of questions. Starting with the employee option below.

(Illustration 1.1 Main page of Labor Code Reporting)

By Employee:
Step 1. Select the employees (see illustration 1.2).
Step 2. Through the drop-down menu select how the employees will be sorted. By Employee Name, SSN, Department, or Location.
Step 3. Decide where the page breaks will be positioned on the report. Normally (with no extra page breaks), after each employee, each department change, each location change, or each department/location change.
Step 4. Choose whether you would like to view the selected employees “By Labor Code,” or “Punch Detail.” The “Labor Code” will display total hours per code & “Punch Detail” will display the daily In/Out punches for each selected employee, as well as total hours per code.
Step 5. If wages are being collected, you will have the option to “Show Wages Too.” 

Step 6. Click “Run Report” to view the report. 

(Illustration 1.2 By Employee options)

By Labor Code:
Step 1. Select the labor code from the drop-down menu (see illustration 1.3).
Step 2. Choose how you would like the data displayed.
  • Summary – will show a lump sum total of labor hours
  • By Employee – will display the total hours for each selected employee
  • Punch Detail – will display the daily punch In/Out hours for each employee as well as the total labor hours worked.
Step 3. Decide if the labor hours will be broken down by category such as regular hours, or not broken out at all. You also have the option to break the report down by pay rate if applicable.
Step 4. Check “Show as a percentage too” if you would like to see the total percentage of labor hours worked for the selected department against the total labor hours for the company. If wages are being collected, you will have the option to “Show Wages Too.”
Step 5. Click “Run Report” to view the report. 

(Illustration 1.3 Labor Code options)

 Step 6. To print the report click on the “Print” button in the upper left corner (see illustration 1.4).

(Illustration 1.4 Labor Code Report)



Labor_Code_Reporting.pdf Labor_Code_Reporting.pdf

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