How-To: Show Un-Rounded Punches

Show Unrounded Punches

When a rounding rule is active, the employee’s time card will display the clock “IN” or “OUT” times in green. The original punches, or real time punches, can be viewed from within the employee’s time card by clicking “Show Unrounded Times.”
Note: To activate a rounding rule contact your timekeeping provider.

Step 1. Go to the “Main Menu,” and select one of the options to view “Time Cards.” (For the examples below the “Current Period” was selected).

Step 2. From an employee’s time card, click on “Time Card Options” and select “Show Unrounded Punches.”   Real time punches will be displayed on the time card beneath the rounded punch.

Step 3. To remove the displayed “Unrounded Punches” simply click “Hide Unrounded Times.”



Show_Unrounded_Punches.pdf Show_Unrounded_Punches.pdf

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