How-To: Time Card Approvals

Time Card Approvals is a feature that allows an employee, supervisor, and/or manager to mark time cards electronically prior to payroll. This can eliminate the cost of printing and storing signed time cards while still ensuring the approval process takes place.

This article explains how a Manager (Client level user) and Supervisor approve a time card. 

For a video explaining the time card approval process, please see VIDEO: Time Card Approvals.

Note: Time Card Approvals is an optional feature that needs to be enabled for your system. If you don't have this functionality, contact your timekeeping provider for assistance.

Approving time cards is through either the Pay Period or Single Day (i.e. Today's and Yesterdays Entries) views. It cannot be done on the Multi-Time Card Editor.

You can also approve each day on the time card individually, or approve all days at once.
  1. Click on the yellow approval image for a single day to be approved.
  2. The image background will turn black indicating this image has been selected and will allow you to select additional days.
  3. Under the Time Card Options button, select Approve Time Card ⇒Approve Selected.
  4. The approval icon will change to green indicating that the day is approved.

To approve the whole pay period, choose Approve All Entries under the Time Card Options.

Un-approving a Time Card

There is no "UN-approve" button on the time card, but any change to that day will reset the approvals from green to yellow. Changes that will reset approvals includes any edit or an employee punching the clock after the time card is approved.

However, if you would like to manually “UN-approve” a time card, simply edit or add information to a time card. For example, you could change the category, save it, and change it back. Once the changes are saved, all levels of approval will be reset and you will then need to approve the time card again.
Note: For approval reporting options, see the “Approvals Report” found in the “Reports Menu.”

Understanding Approval Status / Icons

Your approvals can be configured with up to three levels of approval: employee, supervisor and manager. However, your account may only show one or two levels depending on how your site was configured.

When a "person" in the approval icon is green, it means that
level has approved the day.By hovering over the icon, you can see details
about who approved the day.
Each level is represented by a silhouette in the icon. If the silhouette is yellow, than that level has yet to approve the day.

When viewing the time card, you can also hover over the icon to see the login information of the person who approved the day.
When three levels are enabled, your approval will always be the middle person in the icon if you have approval rights.

When less than three levels are enabled, your approval will always be the larger person in the icon if you have approval rights.

If you see no approval icon, it means that either approvals isn't activated for your account, or approvals are hidden.

The following is a breakdown of how the icons are arranged:
  • Two levels of Approval - Own and another’s statuses  Description: 
    • If logged in as a supervisor the larger image on the left is the supervisor with the employee on the right.
    • If logged in as an employee the image on the left is the employee, with the supervisor on the right.
  • Three levels of Approval - Own and two others’ statuses
    • If logged in as a supervisor the middle image the supervisor, the employee on the left and management on the right.
    • If logged in as an employee the middle image is the employee, the supervisor on the left and management on the right. 
    • If logged in as management the middle image is management, the left is the employee and the right side the supervisor.


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