How-To: Time Card Audit Log Report

Time Card Audit Log Report

The “Time Card Audit Log” report will display an audit trail of all manual changes that have taken place on the employee time cards (excluding any actual punch activity). The report includes auto generated hours that have been applied automatically such as holiday or salary hours and also displays notes that have been made to the time card.

Step 1. To run the “Time Card Audit Log” report, select the “Reports Menu” and click on the “Time Card Audit Log” report link. (See illustration 1.1).

Step 2. Select a pay period from the drop down menu or enter a specific date range.

Step 3. Decide what options to show on the report. In the illustration below, “Show Home Supervisor” to include each employee’s home supervisor as entered in their “employee Setup” profile.

Step 4. Choose the employees to include on the report. In the illustration below, an “Employee Group” set up with employees in department 300 was selected.

Step 5. Click “Run” to view the report.

(Illustration 1.1 Timekeeping Main Menu)

Step 6. Click on “Change Options” to change the date, employees selected, or fields to show from “Employee Setup.”

Step 7.  Print or download the report as a CSV File or PDF File. (See illustration 1.2).

The report also allows the following functionality:
  • Columns can be moved around by clicking on the column header and dragging it to the desired location.
  • Columns can be sorted by clicking the column header.
  • Columns can be resized by hovering between the columns until the double ended arrow appears.
  • Column headers can be used to group the columns by clicking the header name and dragging it directly above the header bar.
  • Additional options such as filtering can be selected by right clicking on a column header.

(Illustration 1.2 Time Card Audit Log report)

Note: The “Time Card Audit Log” can also be viewed from the employees’ individual time cards by selecting “Show Time Card Audit Log” from the “Time Card Options” drop down menu. This view will only display audits related to the selected employee’s time card. (See illustration 1.3).

(Illustration 1.3 Employee time card)



Time_Card_Audit_Log_Report.pdf Time_Card_Audit_Log_Report.pdf

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