How-To: Run Time Off Request Report

Time off Request Report

The “Time off Request Report” displays pending, approved, and rejected time off requests. This report can be run for a specific date range, as well as specific employees.

Step 1.  To run the “Time off Request Report,” select “Reports Menu” from the left pane.

Step 2. Click “Time off Request Report” link.

Step 3. Decide which employees to include.

Step 4. Enter the date range, or use the pop up calendar (accessed by clicking in the date form field) to select the desired start and end dates.

Step 5. Click “Run Report.”

Step 6. The online view is displayed. To export the report, click on the “Printer Friendly” icon to print and or save the report.



Time_off_Request_Report.pdf Time_off_Request_Report.pdf

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