How-To: TimeWorksPlus Mobile

IMPORTANT: This article applies to our original mobile app called "TimeWorksPlus Mobile". That app is still functional, but in the fall of 2018, we released a new employee specific mobile app called TimeWorksPlus Employee. This newer version of the app has a new design and improved features, but may not be available for your company. Check with your supervisor to verify which app you should be using.

TimeWorks Mobile for the Employee

The TimeWorks Mobile app allows employees to track their hour’s on-the-go, punch IN\OUT, view available time off hours, and more. The mobile app is available on either the iTunes™ App Store (IOS devices) or GooglePlay™ App Store (Android devices). The app can be downloaded for free. Follow the steps below to access and use the mobile app.
Step 1. Download TimeWorks Mobile app from iTunes, for the iPhone and iPad, or from the Google Play Store for Android phones and tablets. Look for the TimeWorks Mobile app icon below.

Step 2.
On your mobile device open the “TimeWorks Mobile” app and enter your user name and password (Fig 1.1). If this is the first time you are logging in, you will be prompted to change your password. Enter the password, which you should have received from your supervisor/employer, and create the new password (Fig 1.2).

Note: If the supervisor login and the employee login are the same, the supervisor will be directed to the supervisor portal and cannot access the employee portal. A separate user ID and password (different from what is setup in Login Maintenance) will need to be setup in the supervisor’s “Employee Setup” profile.

(Figure 1.1 TimeWorks Mobile Log in)                                 (Figure 1.2 TimeWorks Mobile Password)  

 Step 3. “TimeWorks Mobile” offers several options to the employee. See below for details (Fig. 1.3)

           (Figure 1.3 TimeWorks Mobile Main Menu)

1. Menu icon, see Fig. 1.3. Tap on the menu icon to access additional features. See Fig. 1.4.

2. Clock IN and OUT by tapping on the “Clock IN/OUT” button, and then tap the “Submit” button. This option will not display if you do not have permissions to clock IN or OUT on the mobile app.

3. View “Announcements” from your supervisor or manager. Tap the (+) symbol.

4. Displays the last day of the current pay period.

5. Tap the arrow to see an overview of hours e.g. regular or overtime hours.

6. Tap the arrow to see an overview of accrued hours such as Vacation or PTO. NOTE: This feature will only display if accruals are tracked through your timekeeping account.

        (Figure 1.4 TimeWorks Mobile Main Menu)

7. Tap on the arrow to “Request Time Off” for single or multiple days. This option will only be available if you have been give permissions.

8. View your time card for the current pay period one day at a time. Also, If give permissions you may edit existing punches, approve your time card, and view “Pinpoint GPS” information.

9. View your schedule one day at a time for the current pay period.

10. Tap the arrow to see employee name, department, email, employee number, etc.

Step 4. Tap on the menu icon (see number one of figure 1.3) to access the following features (Fig. 1.5).

(Figure 1.5 TimeWorks Mobile Menu View)


Close: Tap “Close” to get back to the main page. 

Current Hours Worked: Tap the “Current Hours Worked” arrow to view an overview of hours such as Regular or Overtime hours.

Time Off Balance: Gives an overview for the amount of accrued hours. NOTE: Accruals balance will only show if they are tracked through your timekeeping account.

My Info: Provides details including name, email, employee number, etc.

Request Time Off: Tap to “Request Time Off.”

Time Card: Tap to view your time card for the current pay period one day at a time.

My Schedule: Tap to view your schedule one day at a time for the current pay period.

Supervisor Portal: The Supervisor Portal can only be accessed by an authorized Login ID and Password.

Change Password: Tap to change your current password.

Log Off: Tap “Log Off” to log out of “TimeWorks Mobile,” or simply close the app for easier access the next time you look at “TimeWorks Mobile.”

NOTE: If you “Log Off” you will need to re-login to the app. Otherwise the app will store your login credentials on future logins.



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