How-To: TimeWorks Mobile - Supervisor & Client level logins

TimeWorks Mobile for Supervisor & Client level logins

The “TimeWorks Mobile” app allows client and supervisor level logins to track employee hours, approve or reject time off requests, clock employees IN/OUT, and view basic employee information including Pinpoint GPS on both Apple and Android devices. Follow the steps below to access and use the “TimeWorks Mobile” app.
Before using the mobile app, you will need to contact your timekeeping provider to have any or all of the following options enabled:
Option one: “Mobile Enabled,” which allows access to the “TimeWorks Mobile” app, and adds a field to the “Employee Setup” for employee by employee access to the mobile app. (see illustration 1.1).
Option two: “Mobile Punch Enabled,” which allow employees to clock In/Out through the mobile app, and adds a field to the “Employee Setup” for employee by employee access to mobile punch.
Option three: “Add GPS to Mobile Punch,” which allows access to view the location and address of where an employee clocked In/Out of.
Note: The mobile app must be enabled in order for employees to clock In/Out.

Log into “TimeWorks Mobile” with a client or supervisor level login. Set up login credentials from the “Login Maintenance” page. If credentials are already set up go ahead and log in.
Note: The “Refresh” button will update the “TimeWorks Mobile” page with new information. An example of when you might find this useful is when an employee requests time off.

The feature within the “TimeWorks Mobile” Supervisor Portal include:
Currently Clocked In: 
  • View the number of employees currently clocked IN.
  • By tapping on the arrow (>) you will see the list of employees currently clocked in. This screen allows you to view punch IN details such as, what department an employee punched into. 
Approved Time Off:
  • View the number of employees with approved time off for the current day.
  • Move backwards and forwards a day at a time to view other employees with approved time off.
  • Expand and view available details for each employee with time off. For full details, log into the timekeeping system. 
Pending Time Off:
  • View the number of pending time off requests.
  • Expanding to see available details of each request such as total hours accrued, add comments, and reject or approve request. For full detail, log into the timekeeping system. 
My Employees:
  • View the list of employees that you supervise.
  • See basic details about employees such as start date, department, email address, etc.
  • Clock employees IN or OUT.
Clock Employee(s) In/Out:
  • View which employees are currently clocked IN.
  • Clock one or multiple employees IN or OUT.
View/Modify Time Cards:
  • View and approve employee’s time cards.
  • Edit existing In/Out time punches on your employee’s time card.
  • View where an employee is at the time of their clock In/Out through Pinpoint GPS.


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