How-To: Unmatched Punches

Unmatched Punches
“Unmatched Punches” are punches that were received from a physical clock but cannot be matched to any employee. These punches may belong to new hires and their punches will automatically be matched as soon as their information has been added to the timekeeping system. Otherwise, the punches may have come from miss-keyed data. If this is the case, they can be matched and reprocessed through here.1
Link Unmatched Punches:

Step 1.  From the “Main Menu” select “Maintenance Menu” (see illustration 1.1).

Step 2. Select the “Unmatched Punches” link.

Step 3. In the “Number” column displays the employee identified that was used to clock In/Out. 

(Illustration 1.1 Timekeeping Main Menu)

Step 4. Click on a number to access the drop-down menu that will list all the active employees. Then choose the employee that belongs with the selected number (see illustration 1.2).

Step 5. Once you have selected an employee click the “Save” button, and the In or Out punch will be added to the selected employees time card.

(Illustration 1.2 Unmatched Punches page)

Delete Unmatched Punches:

Step1. Select the checkbox(s) for the desired punch times to be deleted.

Step 2. Click the “Delete Selected”button and the punch In/Out will be removed from the system.

(Illustration 1.3 Unmatched Punches page)



Unmatched_Punches_V2_(0728D).pdf Unmatched_Punches_V2_(0728D).pdf

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