How-To: WebClock Functions

Web Clock Functions

The Web Clock will allow employees to clock IN/OUT online, or view their personal time card via the Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal. Before accessing the Web Clock, a login ID and password must be assigned in the “Employee Setup” page. The Login ID must be saved in the “Logins/Numbers” field, and the password in the “Self-Service Password” field. Follow the steps below to clock IN/OUT.

Step 1. Punching IN/OUT using the Web Clock is accomplished from the Employee Login link located on your payroll service provider’s web site (see illustration 1.1).

 (Illustration 1.1)

Step 2. Enter your “Employee Login ID” and “Password.”
Step 3. Select “Clock In” or “Clock Out.”
Step 4. Click “Submit.” A message will display stating the punch was successful and gives the time of the punch.
Note: You may be prompted to enter additional data when clocking IN/OUT. For example, if you are required to enter the department when clocking IN you will be prompted to manually enter in the department, or select the department from a drop down menu (see illustration 1.2) and click “Submit” once again.

(Illustration 1.2 Employee Self Service Portal Web Clock)

Step 5. To view your individual time card through the ESS Portal, click on the word “Timecard” located in the top right corner of the Web Clock. (See illustration 1.3). Note: Toggle back and forth from the Web Clock to the ESS Portal simply by clicking on the “Timecard” or “Web Clock” links.

(Illustration 1.3 Employee Self Service Portal Web Clock)

Step 6. Enter your “Employee Login ID” and “Password” (see illustration 1.4). Note: This is the same login and password used to access the Web Clock.  If you are logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password.
(Illustration 1.4 Employee Self Service Portal login page)

Step 7. From the Dashboard page click on the “Time Card” link found on the left navigation pane (see illustration 1.5).
Step 8. The time card allows you to view the current, previous or next pay period by clicking on the respective links. Additional functions such as editing or approving time cards may be available depending on permissions given by the employer.

 (Illustration 1.5 Employee Self Service Portal Time Card)



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