Requesting Time Off

Requesting time off is done through your timekeeping Employee Self Service Portal. This article explains how to request time off, as well as well as other related items, including how to receive email notifications related to your request. 

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Requesting Time Off

  1. Access the Employee Portal with your timekeeping login and password.

    Requesting time off is done
    through the ESS (Employee Portal)
  2. Choose Time Off icon at the top of the page.
  3. Click the Request Time Off button (as shown in the above image) and you'll see the following module.
  4. Click in the Select Dates field and use the calendar to choose the days of your request. If you are requesting a single day, just click the day twice. Once you've chosen the dates, click Done.

    To request a single day, click the day twice
  5. Use the Time Off Type field to choose the category for your request, (i.e. Sick, Vacation, PTO, etc).

    A Time Off Type MUST be selected
    This field cannot be left blank.
  6. Select the amount of hours to use for each day. If you need to adjust the hours for each day individually, please see Edit Hours Manually later on in this article.
  7. Click Request Time Off and you're done. The request will be in a pending state until your supervisor approves it.

    If you would like an email when it is approved, see Email Notifications for Time Off Requests later on in this article.

Including Weekends

If your request spans a weekend, the system will default Saturday and Sunday to 0 hours, regardless of how many hours you entered in the Hours per day field. If you need to use paid leave hours on either of those days, just turn off the toggle labeled Set Weekend Hours to Zero.

Weekends can be included or not
included depending on the toggle
When the toggle is set as pictured above, your Hours per day will also be applied to Saturday and Sunday.

Viewing the Time Off Calendar

Previous versions of our software had an optional calendar that would show the approved time off of co-workers in your department. Those requests will now be shown to you after you choose the days of your request and only for the dates that coincide with your request.

Once you choose your dates, you may see others
in your department with coinciding requests
You will be given the option to proceed with your request or change it.

Edit Hours Manually

This feature is used for altering the hours used on multi-day requests, as well as specifying times for a partial day request.

By manually editing hours, you can
enter time off in "hours" or "times"
  1. Use the Edit Hours Manually toggle to show each day of your request.
  2. Under each day, you can choose to either a) enter the amount of hours you wish to use for that particular day or b) use the dropdown to select specific times for your request. Once you have chosen your times, click outside the popup to register the change.
  3. Continue the process for any additional days and click Request Time Off when you are finished.

Conditionally Approved Requests

If you submit a request and your supervisor conditionally approves the request, it means they have made a change and you need to accept their changes before the request is officially approved.

An example of a conditionally approved request
If you have setup email notifications, you will be notified when a request is conditionally approved. Once you take action through the Employee Portal, the request will be added to your time card.

Withdrawing a Request

When a request is Pending or Approved, you still have the option to cancel the request using the Withdraw option.

You have the option to Withdraw any future requests
This purges the request from the time card, and it will show as cancelled in your Request History. Your manager will not be notified that you withdrew the request.

Withdrawn requests will show in your history

Email Notifications for Time Off Requests

In order to receive an email when action is taken on your request, to the Personal Information tab of the Employee Portal and make sure you have:
  • an email address
  • enabled notifications

The Personal Information page in the ESS (Employee Portal)

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