How-To: Receive an Email When an Employee Requests Time Off

When an employee requests time off, emails can be sent to their supervisors. The message notifies the supervisor that their employee has a pending time off request and they should login to TimeWorksPlus to approve, deny or edit the request.

In order for this to happen:
  • the manager needs to be designated as a supervisor in Login Maintenance
  • the recipient's name must be entered in the requesting employee's Employee Setup Supervisor field
More details on how to set this up are found below in Configuring Automated Time Off Request Emails.

How Do Client Level Users Get an Email?

Client level users can also receive an email, but only if the employee selects them by name when submitting the request. A client will also receive an email if the employee doesn't have a designated supervisor.
If you don't want the employee to be able to send a request to a client level user, remove their email from Login Maintenance.

Configuring Automated Time Off Request Emails

Follow these steps to ensure a supervisor receives the time off request email. An explanation of how multiple supervisors can receive the email for the same employee will follow.
  1. From the Maintenance Menu, select Login Maintenance and click the supervisor's login name. Verify the supervisor has a:
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
  2. Enter the supervisor's first and last name to the Supervisor field in Employee Setup. Please note that this is CASE SENSITIVE
This would be repeated for any employee of John Smith's.

How the System Matches a Request to a Supervisor

For a little further explanation on how this works, think of it this way:
  1. When an employee submits a time off request, the system checks the Supervisor field of that employee's Employee Setup.
  2. If there is a name in that field, it checks Login Maintenance to see if there is a client or supervisor with a matching first and last name.
  3. If there is an email attached to the matching supervisor, they will receive the email notifying them of the request.

Emails to Multiple Recipients

To do multiple emails (or supervisors) you would just do a comma separated entry in the Employee Setup Supervisor field. For example:

Note: The Employee Setup fields, including the Supervisor field, has a character limit of 50.

Emails to Client Level Users

This will also work with first and last names set for Client level accounts, if they want that user to get the time off request email by default. Otherwise, all Client level managers with an email will be an optional checkbox presented to the employee at the time they submit a request.

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