VIDEO: Time Card Editing

These videos cover how to edit time cards in TimeWorksPlus. The first two videos cover the basics on the single day and pay period views while the final two videos address some additional tools designed that may be helpful as you review and check your employees' time sheets.

Editing Time Cards 1 - Single Day View

This video covers:
  • View all employees punches on a single day
  • Edit existing punches, like those with missing punches
  • How Make a comment
  • Color coding of punches
  • Punch Types
  • View audit trail on time card
  • Sort and filter employees on single day view

Editing Time Cards 2 - Pay Period View

This video covers:
  • Clock Activity pane (the employee list on the left of the page)
  • Viewing a single employee's time card for a pay period
  • Adding entries to the time card
  • Lunch deduction entries
  • Adding Notes
  • Deleting punches
  • View Scheduling Information

Editing Time Cards 3 - Filtering, Printing and Pay Items

This video covers:
  • Viewing a time card with a custom date range
  • Printing an individual time card
  • Adding pay items, like bonuses
  • Hiding pay rates
  • Sorting and filtering the Clock Activity pane
  • Why you can't edit finalized pay periods
  • Printing time cards in batches

Editing Time Cards 4 - Multi-Time Card Editor and Quick Add Entries

Split Punches Cannot Be Used With the Multi-Time Card Editor

IMPORTANT: If your account uses a rule that splits times for any reason, you will not be able to edit the time card with this feature. It will need to be done through the employee's time card or on the single day time card view.

If the account is using a script to split times, like is being done here, then you cannot use the Multi-Time Card Editor.
Instead, use the Single Day or Pay Period views to edit punches.

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