VIDEO: Time Card Approvals

The Time Card Approvals feature allows up to three levels of users (employee, supervisor and manager) to register that they have viewed the time card and approve of the entries. The following videos explain how managers and supervisors can use this functionality. 

NoteThis is an optional feature that may not be enabled for your account. Contact your timekeeping provider for assistance if you do not have time card approvals enabled. 

Approving and Viewing Status

This video introduces how managers and supervisors can approve time cards and explains how you can tell the status of a time card by looking at the approval icon.


Multi-Time Card Approval and Approvals Report

The Multi-Time Card Approval feature is a way to approve multiple employees time cards, for a given pay period, at one time. This functionality is not necessarily defaulted as part of the approvals process, nor is it necessarily enabled for all users. Speak with your timekeeping provider if you have questions about using this feature.

The Approvals Report is a way to see the status of all your time cards on one page.

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