How-To: Change My Password, Email or Phone (Managers & Supervisors)

Changing your contact information and password in TimeWorksPlus is quite simple, but the method varies depending on whether you are an employee level user or one of the management level users.
This article explains how managers and supervisors can change their contact info on the Personal Info page of TimeWorksPlus.
  1. After logging into the TimeWorksPlus management portal (not the employee portal), select the Settings Menu from the left navigational menu.
  2. Choose Update Personal Info
  3. On the following page, you will be able to change your password, name, phone number and/or email. Make sure you click Save on your changes.

Update Personal Info, found in the Settings Menu, is where managers and supervisors can reset their password and change other profile data
The Time Off Request Notification is an option for managers (not supervisors) to receive an email when any employee submits a time off request.

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