How-To: Use the Employee Portal & Mobile App

As an employee, you have two ways of accessing the timekeeping system: our web-based Employee Portal and TimeWorksPlus Employee, our mobile app for Android and iPhone.

You can access your timekeeping portal through the mobile app or the web portal.
Note, the ability to clock in and out on either may not be enabled for your account.

In both systems, you can:
  • View and approve your time card
  • View time off balances and request time off*
  • View your schedule*
  • Update your phone, email and timekeeping password
Depending on your employer's configuration, you may also be able to clock in and out via the portal and/or mobile app, or even edit your time card.

*Scheduling and time off request functionality may not be enabled for your site.

How Do I Use the Portal and Mobile App

The following videos explain how to use the primary features of the Employee Portal. Your employer should provide you with the web address and credentials you will need to access the Employee Portal.

The mobile app, TimeWorksPlus Employee, operates in the same manner as the Employee Portal, so once you watch the following videos, you should understand how to use both. However, there are some additional instructions specific to the mobile app are given below.

How-To: Use Your Timekeeping Employee Portal

How-To: Request Time Off

How-To: Use the WebClock

Mobile App Instructions

The mobile app can be found in both the iPhone and Google Play stores by searching "TimeWorksPlus Employee".

The mobile app will be listed as "TimeWorksPlus Employee".
The app called "TimeWorksPlus" is our old app.
Once you download and install the app, you will use the same login and password used to access the Employee Portal. The "Site" is currently optional.

The first time you login, you will see some initial notices:

As shown in the image above, TimeWorksPlus Employee will send push notifications for the following events:
  • Approved/Modified/Denied Time Off Request
  • Clock In "Reminder"
  • Schedule Published
  • Shift Modified/Added Notification
All these notifications are dependent on your company's configuration.

If you would like to disable these notifications, you can do so from the Settings menu in the app.
Location Services
The next initial screen asks if you want to enable location tracking. You can skip this if it's not required by your employer, but if you do enable it, your device will ask you to confirm.
Mobile Punch Disabled
If you see this red error message, it doesn't necessarily mean that anything is wrong with your mobile app, it is just alerting you that you don't have the ability to clock in and out via the mobile app.

If You Are Unable to Use the App

If you see the message highlighted in the image above, then it means your employer hasn't been setup with the mobile app. You should speak with your supervisor for further instructions. It may be that you need to use our legacy app, TimeWorksPlus.

Logging in With WorkforceHUB Credentials

If your company is using WorkforceHUB for pay stub delivery, you can also use those credentials to login to TimeWorksPlus Employee. Check with your supervisor to see if you have WorkforceHUB.

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