How-to: Access Your Employee Portal through the Manager App

Managers in TimeWorksPlus can access their Employee Portal by clicking My Employee Portal from the navigation menu in the management app.

If you see Link Employee Portal instead, follow the steps in this article to link your manager login to your employee record.
If you don't see either of those options, contact your timekeeping provider.

Self-link Employee Record

If you see Link Employee Portal in your navigation menu, you can self-link to your employee record with these steps. A video explaining the process is also included.
  1. Click Link Employee Portal. This will access your manager profile page.

  2. Near the bottom of the page will be a section titled Link Employee Portal.

    Your name should be preselected based on a name and/or email match with your employee record. If that match is correct, click Link Employee.
Your manager login is now linked to your employee record and you can now access the Employee Portal through the manager app.
You will also be able to return to the manager app using the Back to Manager link in the Employee Portal.

If the preselected name is incorrect, or you are prompted for a login and password, follow these steps:
  1. In the case of an incorrect, preselected employee, click Clear preselected employee.
  2. Enter your employee login and password. If you don't know your employee login and password, please see the Troubleshooting section below.
  3. Click Link Employee.
If successful, the system will confirm that your employee record has been linked with a message in the Link Employee Portal section.

If the process is unsuccessful, please see the Troubleshooting section below.

Which Login Should I Use?

We suggest managers always initiate their login to the system with their manager credentials using the manager login page. If you log in directly to the Employee Portal, you will not see the "Back to Manager" link used for accessing the manager app.

Linking with Multi-Site Management

Client-level managers with Multi-Site Management can only be linked to an employee record in their home site. Also, they will only see the My Employee Portal link in their home site—they cannot access their Employee Portal from all their sites.

Managers with Multiple Manager Logins

Only one manager to be linked to an employee record. In some cases, managers may have both a Client-level and Supervisor-level login, or multiple Supervisor-level logins. If this is your case, you will have to choose one manager login that you want linked to your employee account.

Link Through the Employee Portal

As an alternative to linking through the manager portal, you can also link your logins through the Employee Portal. However, this does require you to authenticate your identity with your manager login and password.
Also, if you access the Employee Portal through a third-party app, (like a payroll system), and you don't know your timekeeping login and password, you can use these steps to link your accounts.
  1. Follow the login steps used to access your timekeeping portal.
  2. Near the top right corner, click your initials and select Profile.
  3. In the section titled Connect a Client/Supervisor Login, click Connect.
  4. Enter the login and password you use as a manager in the timekeeping system.

  5. Click the Update Info button.
If the connection is successful, the system displays a confirmation pop-up and you will see Connected in the Connect a Client/Supervisor Login section.

Once you are done linking your logins through the Employee Portal, there will not be a link to return you to the manager app. You will need to logout and then log back into the manager app.


These troubleshooting steps apply to managers who are trying to self-link their employee records through the management app:
  1. Check for Multi-Site Management. If you are a Client-level user with Multi-Site Management, make sure you have selected your home site. You cannot link to an employee record from a secondary site.
  2. Make sure Unified Login is enabled for your site. This needs to be done by your timekeeping provider. If you don't see "My Employee Portal" or "Link Employee Portal" in the management app, then contact your timekeeping provider.
  3. Make sure you have an employee record. An employee record is required for linking logins. You may need to contact your site Admin or timekeeping provider to verify that you have an employee record and make sure it has a matching name and email to your manager account.
  4. Check Name and Email in your employee record. Unified Login matches through the user's name and email. If you have a different name in Employee Setup and there is no match found via email, then you must use your employee login and password to link the logins.
  5. If you don't know your employee login and password, but can access the timekeeping Employee Portal (due to a single sign-on with a payroll application), try the instructions in Link Through Employee Portal.


My accounts are already linked and I didn't do anything.
It's possible your manager or timekeeping provider already linked your accounts.
I can't find Link Employee Portal in the system.
Linking your manager and employee accounts depends the feature being enabled. Contact your timekeeping provider for assistance with this.
I need to unlink my accounts.
Follow these steps to unlink your manager and employee logins.
  1. Access your Employee Portal.
  2. Click your initials at the top right of the page and select Profile.
  3. In the Supervisor Link section, use the Click Here to Unlink button.
  4. Click Update Info
Your accounts will now be unlinked and you will have to use separate logins to access the manager site and the employee site.
What if I reset my manager or employee password? Can I still access my Employee Portal?
Yes, you can still access the Employee Portal. Resetting your password on either login does not break the link.

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