How-To: Enable TWP Mobile Features for Employees

These fields may be visible when mobile is enabled for
an account
Mobile app usage and permissions can be set per employee. This is done in Employee Setup, but the "switches" you have available will depend on which version of the mobile app you are using: TimeWorksPlus Mobile or TimeWorksPlus Employee.

There are three fields under the Identity section relating to the mobile app:
  • Mobile Punch Enabled means employees with access to the mobile app can clock themselves in and out. This permission is independent of the WebClock Enabled switch. It also means their supervisor can clock them in and out using the original TimeWorksPlus mobile app.
  • Mobile Enabled means the employee has access to the mobile app. If your account is using the new Employee Portal and our new mobile app, TimeWorksPlus Employee, then this switch will not be visible. All employees using the new portal get access to the mobile app.
    • If the Mobile Punch feature is also enabled, the employee will be able to use the mobile app as their time clock.
    • If the Mobile Punch feature is disabled, the employee will only have access to the ESS features of the mobile app.
  • Add GPS will track the geo-data of the punch, provided the employee has location services enabled on their phone.
If you don't see these fields in Employee Setup, contact your timekeeping provider for assistance.

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