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Your timekeeping account provides two ways for employees to access the system: the Employee Web Portal and our mobile app, called TimeWorksPlus Employee. With the mobile app, which is described in this article, the employee gets the all the features of the Employee Portal (except for the bulletins) with the added benefit of push notifications and location tracking.
IMPORTANT: This article applies to our new employee portal and mobile app which were just released in October of 2018. To learn more about the transition and when it will be available for your account, please check out the article Switching to Our New Mobile App - TimeWorksPlus Employee or contact your timekeeping provider.

How to Get the App

Employees can get TimeWorksPlus Employee from either the App Store or Google Play, but when they search for it, they may also find our old app, called TimeWorksPlus.

TimeWorksPlus Employee is replacing our old app, pictured on the left

Which App Should They Use?

At this time, both apps will work, but the new app, TimeWorksPlus Employee, has an improved experience in terms of interface and functionality.
For that reason, we recommend that all timekeeping accounts using our new Employee Web Portal instruct their employees to use the new app, TimeWorksPlus Employee. If your account has yet to be switched to our new Employee Portal, then they should use or continue to use the old app. If you aren't sure whether you are using the new Employee Portal, please contact your timekeeping provider.

What Can the App Do?

TimeWorksPlus Employee provides the same functionality your employees get in the employee web portal (formerly called ESS). 
At minimum, the employee will have the rights to:
  • View their time card.
  • View their personal information and edit phone and email.
They may also have access to the following features, if enabled on the account:
  • Clock in and out*
  • Request time off
  • Approve their time card
  • Check their accrual balances
  • View their schedule

Push Notifications

Employees can enable the following push notifications on TimeWorksPlus Employee. Please note, some of these notifications require TimeSimplicity Scheduling.
  • Time Off Request Approved/Modified/Denied Notification
  • "Clock In" Reminder (requires Basic Scheduling or TimeSimplicity)
  • Schedule Published Notification (requires TimeSimplicity)
  • Shift Modified/Added Notification (requires TimeSimplicity)
If you are interested in learning about the benefits of TimeSimplicity, please contact your timekeeping provider.

*Mobile Punching / Clocking In and Out via the App

TimeWorksPlus Employee also has the option for mobile punching, which can be enabled on an employee-by-employee basis in Employee Setup. This is separate from the actual WebClock permissions and must be enabled per employee.
To turn on mobile punching for an employee:
  1. Click Employee Setup from your timekeeping navigation menu.
  2. Choose the employee by name from the list.

    Mobile punching is enabled in Employee Setup
  3. In the Identity section of the Employee Record, click the Edit button.

    With "Mobile Punch Enabled" set to yes, the employee can clock in on the app
  4. Set Mobile Punch Enabled to "YES".
  5. Click Save and Remain.
The employee will now have the ability to clock in and out via their mobile phone.

GPS Tracking

TimeWorksPlus Employee also allows for collecting location data with the punch.
If you would like this functionality enabled:
  • You will need to enable Add GPS to Mobile Punch in the Employee Setup record. This is done in the same manner as enabling Mobile Punching.

    Collection of location data can also be enabled for the app
  • The employee will have to agree to allow for GPS data to be collected by the app. This is normally asked when the employee first opens the app after installation, but they can change the settings manually as well.

    Employees must agree to let the app collect location data

Do I Need to "Enable Mobile" in Employee Setup?

You may notice a "Mobile Enabled" option in Employee Setup. This switch is deprecated and will not make any difference as to whether the employee can use the mobile app. The mobile app is now a standard part of the employee experience.

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